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  • The Prinz Law Firm Attorneys
    • What's in Illinois' New Non-Compete Law?

      The Illinois General Assembly just passed a new and comprehensive law regarding non-compete and non-solicitation ...

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    • I Was Just Placed on a PIP -- Now What?

      Prinz attorney Christina Hynes Mesco suggests how employees can respond to being placed on a Performance Improvement ...

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    • 5 Tips for Negotiating Physician Employment Contracts

      Founder and Managing Partner of The Prinz Law Firm Kristen Prinz presents her top 5 tips for physicians when negotiating ...

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    • What Does "Wrongful Termination" Really Mean?

      You may have heard that someone suffered a "wrongful termination" or "wrongful discharge" in an employment context. ...

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    • Do I Really Need an Employment Handbook for My Business?

      Prinz attorney Poonam Lakhani explains why having an employment handbook is a critical tool for any business.

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    • When is a Non-Compete Enforceable?

      Prinz attorney Amit Bindra explains the criteria courts look at to determine whether non-compete agreements are valid. ...

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  • Employment Law & the COVID Crisis
    • Furloughs and the FLSA

      Christina Hynes Mesco describes best practices for employers who must place their workforce on a furlough.

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    • 3 Tips for Making Compensation Adjustments

      Kristen Prinz explains her top 3 tips for business owners who must make adjustments to their employees' pay.

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    • Communicating Status Changes to Your Employees

      Christina Hynes Mesco provides some best practices when communicating news of a furlough or layoff to your employees.

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    • Record- & Time-Keeping Policies

      Amit Bindra explains the importance of having record-keeping and time-keeping policies in place as employees work from h ...

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    • Trade Secret & Confidentiality Policies

      Amit Bindra stresses the importance of reminding employees of their trade secret and confidentiality obligations while ...

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    • What If Your Employees Make More on Unemployment Than Returning to Your Payroll?

      Kristen Prinz provides tips on what to do if your employees are making more through unemployment insurance than they ...

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    • Can You Be Terminated Over a Face Mask?

      Attorney Christina Hynes Mesco of The Prinz Law Firm explains whether you can be terminated for wearing a face mask to ...

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    • Supporting Your Employees’ Mental Health as They Return to Work

      In this video, Kristen Prinz talks mental health and the workplace with Karen Oliver-Behee, Founder and President of ...

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  • BizCast
    • Kristen Prinz - Founder and Managing Partner - The Prinz Law Firm

      Kristen Prinz is an employment attorney, business counselor, and Founder and Managing Partner of The Prinz Law Firm, ...

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    • Kristen Prinz & Marti Konstant

      Ms. Prinz has litigated employment disputes before state and federal courts at the trial and appellate level, and before ...

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  • Lawline
    • Is an Employee Handbook Legally Required

      Employee handbooks help limit liability and can set the expectation for your company’s culture, mission, and values.

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    • Train Your Employees on Policies

      Kristen Prinz explains why having an employment handbook is not enough—you also need to train your employees on your ...

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    • Culture-Focused Companies Do Better

      Businesses that care about their workplace culture create healthier environments and perform better in the marketplace ...

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    • Drafting Tips and Best Practices

      In this snapshot from an attorney training video, Kristen explains that having a clear sense of your objectives is key ...

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    • Good Rules to Consider in Illinois

      Kristen explains that it is a best practice for employers to notify their employees that they will have an obligation to ...

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    • Can Employers Require Documentation for Medical and Religious Exemptions in the Workplace?

      While employers may require a doctor’s note for medical exemptions in the workplace, things are not as simple for ...

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    • Is Having COVID-19 Considered a Disability Under the ADA?

      COVID-19 gives rise to a variety of questions related to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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    • Can Employers Ask Employees About Their Medical Status or Travels?

      It’s best to have a uniform policy that equally applies to all workers.

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    • Can Employers Require Employees to Get a COVID-19 Test or Vaccine?

      While workplaces usually cannot require medical examinations, there are some key exceptions.

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    • Non-Highly Skilled Workers and Non-Competes

      States have increasingly restricted businesses from preventing non-highly skilled employees from moving to a competing e ...

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    • Kristen’s Biggest Non-Compete Tips

      Kristen gives a snapshot of her biggest tips for drafting non-compete agreements for both employers and employees.

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    • How a Business Can Protect Its Information

      Certain concrete steps taken by a business to protect its confidential information can help establish that it has a ...

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    • Independent Consideration for a Non-Compete

      States are increasingly requiring that independent consideration be offered to employees who sign a non-compete.

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