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The importance of good managers and sound policies guiding your day-to-day business operations cannot be overstated. Study after study and our own experiences have shown us that a good management team and a positive workplace culture yields happier employees, increased productivity, fewer employment-related claims and a more successful, profitable business.

Management training is often overlooked, but must be an integral part of your business’ strategic plan. Your organization may not feel the immediate pain of ignoring training and culture development, but long-term disregard can lead to catastrophic results. Just read the news: cautionary tales of this particular problem abound. Training can often help head off and eliminate painful, costly, and distracting employment-related claims which can sour your business no matter how successful it's been.

Our Offerings

Whether your organization is a recent start-up or a decades old operation, we can help equip your managers with the tools needed to thrive and scale. We offer custom-tailored training services to fit your business’ needs both on and off site. Our trainings can be utilized on a one-time or ongoing basis to ensure your team is equipped with the skills they need to expertly handle challenges that might otherwise be stumbling blocks.

  • Employee Handbook Review and Training

    A handbook is only useful if managers understand the policies and terms and are armed with strategies for enforcement. This workshop focuses on undertaking a comprehensive review of your employment policies and equipping your managers, who are on the front lines day-to-day, with the tools they need to help ensure the policies are practiced and fairly enforced.

  • Company Cultural Assessment and Culture Training

    Basic steps in helping cultivate an ideal culture for your business include taking an inventory of the policies and practices that work for your team and using these to create a comprehensive employment policy or handbook. We can help you create the standards for the culture you want to achieve and help make that culture a reality.

  • Workplace Discrimination and Retaliation

    Help your employees understand the legal view of workplace discrimination and retaliation, and adopt strategies for avoiding and eliminating discriminatory/retaliatory conduct.

  • Identifying and Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    What legally constitutes harassment? Through case studies and interactive demonstrations, this workshop focuses on how to identify, avoid, and rectify sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Accommodation, Discrimination, and the Americans with Disabilities Act

    Help ensure that your managers know when an employee might need assistance managing his or her disability in the workplace, understand when and what accommodations must be offered and provided, and what constitutes disability discrimination.

  • Navigating the Fair Labor Standards Act

    Wage and hour litigation can be costly and catastrophic to businesses. Get compliance right the first time by understanding the basics of FLSA, including employee classification, working time pay requirements, proper deductions and recordkeeping requirements.

  • Effective Management of Non-Performing Employees

    Employees should know early and often when they are not meeting the objectives of their positions. Help your managers encourage top-notch performance from their employees and employ practical strategies (that do not lead to company liability) for those employees that cannot meet performance standards.

  • Conflict Resolution

    This training gives your managers and supervisors the tools they need to respond to unacceptable workplace behaviors. Our attorneys can advise your management team on determining whether to handle employee grievances informally versus when to involve Human Resources or legal counsel.

  • Workplace Communication

    Effective organizational communication is the basis for a thriving business. Understand appropriate communication guidelines, and how and when to communicate with your team in the most effective manner. Avoid pitfalls which can become the basis for legal claims against your organization, and employ strategies to boost employee morale and engagement.

  • Mitigating Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Risks

    Understand the legal landscape governing harassment and discrimination at federal, state, and local levels. Understand reporting requirements and proper complaint handling procedures.

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Why We’re Different

We don’t provide your standard HR training. Our seminars are led by seasoned attorneys who have litigated and tried cases that form the basis for our courses. Our work with both employees and employers helps us understand the nuances of the myriad of claims which arise in the course of employment and business relationships. We have seen, first-hand, how ineffective policies and untrained managers can have a deleterious impact on your business - leading to unnecessary liability for avoidable claims.

Armed with this valuable insight, we help empower your managers with strategies to affect your policies in a positive, inclusive manner. Through a thoughtful pre-training process, we strive to understand your team dynamics so we can best poise your team to avoid common pitfalls and implement strategies for success.

Our Reviews

  • “I enthusiastically recommend Kristen Prinz to anyone looking for a highly skilled lawyer with demonstrable integrity.”

    Wrongful Termination Client, 2018

  • “I could not recommend Amit Bindra and The Prinz Law Firm more emphatically. For any employment-related issue, they should be your first (and last) call.”

    Global Wine and Spirits Executive, 2020

  • “I recommend [Christina's] competence, proficiency and capability without reservation.”

    Rick, an Experienced Corporate Executive

  • “Honesty and Integrity”


  • “Being wrongfully dismissed while pregnant was the most difficult experience of my professional career, but I was so lucky to have Laura Feldman on my side.”

    Start-Up Vice President

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