Ep. 11 – Mental Health Benefits in the Workplace

This episode focuses on the mental health benefits that workplaces can provide to workers. Kristen Prinz welcomes to the mic Sarah Malavenda, a trained psychotherapist and the Co-Founder & COO of Samata Health, and Angelia Salgado, the firm’s Operations Manager who recently earned an M.A. in mental health counseling.

Kristen, Sarah, and Angelia discuss the prevalence of burn-out, the fact that it’s become more acceptable to discuss mental health in the workplace, and whether there is a shortage of therapists. Then they dig into the variety of mental health benefits available to companies, including traditional benefits provided by health insurance, legacy EAPs, and premium benefits offered by third party providers, such as Samata Health.

Sarah reveals how a premium benefits program works for employers, especially small businesses, and why it is often a superior option for employees compared with other options. She also explains how Samata Health can make a profit while supporting its individual therapist providers. This is a great episode for HR folks, business owners, individual therapists, and anyone else interested in making work better through improving mental health.

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