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  • EP16 - Dr. Reeves and Kristen discuss leadership and inclusion

    Dr. Reeves and Kristen talk about how each organization is its own universe and within the bounds of the law have the freedom to create a work culture of their choosing. What is the capacity and responsibility of all organizational participants in creating a thriving workplace culture? What are the values behind that culture? The impact radius of leadership and the cascading effect Ideas on managing inappropriate behavior when you are or aren’t in charge The #metoo movement and how to be an ally The intersectionality between positions of power, #metoo, and perspectives of reality Learn more about Dr. Reeves and Nextions by visiting their website at:

  • EP15 - Andrew Sykes, Founder & CEO of Habits at Work – Creating Successful Culture

    In this episode, Kristen Prinz talks with Andrew Sykes, Founder & CEO of Habits at Work. Kristen and Andrew share insights and stories in discussing how workplace habits can create an engaged and successful culture. What steps are you taking to create healthy and productive workplace habits? Check out Andrew’s company, Habits at Work, to learn more about workplace habits and book a workshop for your team.

  • EP14 - Thea Polancic and Lee Capps at ClearSpace Talk About Team Building

    When the stakes are high, companies often know they need to lead and perform differently if they want different results. There comes a time when trying harder is no longer viable; what is needed is a breakthrough to new possibilities. In this episode, ClearSpace experts Thea Polancic and Lee Capps talk about building high performance teams guided by conscious leaders.

  • EP13 - Francine Bailey: Grin and bear bad behavior or walk out the door

    Francine Bailey, businesswoman, attorney and strategist talks with Kristen about when it is best to grin and bear bad behavior in the workplace and when it’s best to walk out the door.

  • EP12 - Recognizing and surviving b.s. in the workplace

    Co-workers & fiction authors of B.S. Incorporated, Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss, talk with Kristen Prinz about recognizing and surviving b.s. in the workplace.

  • EP11 - The no a-hole policy and building trust as a team with Gary Kaplan and Kristen Prinz

    Kristen Prinz of the Prinz Law Firm talks with Gary Kaplan of XL Group about building trust as a team, the no asshole policy & More!

  • EP10 - “We are human beings, not human doings” – Elene Cafasso

    Listen in as Elene touches over horror stories of corporate culture, and “leaders behaving badly”. Elene explains how underlining beliefs could be a contributing factor, a few questions to ask yourself along with improvement techniques, such as The Alphabet Model.

  • EP 9 - Lessons in Leadership and Detoxing the Workplace with Ana Dutra

    Ana Dutra, CEO of the Executive’s Club of Chicago and author of Lessons in LeadershiT, Detoxing the Workplace, talks with Kristen about the leadership lessons she’s learned, how to detox your workplace, and how to spot and survive a toxic boss.

  • EP 8 - Horror Stories and Lessons Learned – Employee Benefits – with Jennifer Kobayashi

    Kristen Prinz & Jennifer Kobayashi discus the horror stories and lessons learned about employee benefits, employer benefit options and more!

  • EP 7 - Chicago Bears, workplace nitwits, workers comp. and more!

    Kristen Prinz of the Prinz law Firm discusses workers compensation, Chicago Bears, workplace nitwits and more with Richard Gordon of the Gordon Law Firm.

  • EP 6 - How to SPOT and REMOVE workplace bullies! – Renee Beckman

    Kristen and Renee Beckman discuss bullies in the workplace, how to spot them and how to remove them.

  • EP 5 - Are you poisoning your own talent pool?

    Kristen Prinz interviews Amit Bindra and explores the toxicity an employer may influence within their own company. Are you poisoning your own talent pool?

  • EP 4 - Debbie Bridges talks toxic employees and how the poison can spread

    Kristen Prinz interviews Debbie Bridges entrepreneur, business relationship consultant, founder and independent owner of Bridges Court Reporting. This week’s subject will touch on toxic employees and how the poison spreads throughout the entire company.

  • EP 3 - Kristen Prinz conducts an Exit Interview with her Firm’s resigning office manager

    In this episode of “Tales from Around the Water Cooler“: Employee & Employer Break Up – Feedback from your resigning employees – Influence – Empowering Employees Exit Interviews – This is the great way to get harsh feedback from your employees as they exit the company. This episode is an actual exit interview between Kristen Prinz and Olga Perez, Office Manager for The Prinz Law Firm.

  • EP 2 - Emily Lonigro of LimeRed Studio – Empowering employees and building a Certified B Corp

    In this episode of “Tales from Around the Water Cooler“: Hiring the perfect match – Empowering employees – Letting go Certified B Corp Kristen Prinz interviews Emily Lonigro, president and owner of LimeRed Studio, a UX Agency that is both B Corp. & WBE certified. Emily touches on her journey of empowering her employees and building a Certified B Corp company culture. Emily gives tips to Hire a perfect match, personality test and so much more!

  • EP 1 - Introduction to Tales from Around the Water Cooler

    In this episode of “Tales from Around the Water Cooler“: Intro to Podcast – Kristen Prinz – the Prinz Law Firm – Kristen and Amit discuss their background The Tales from Around the Water Cooler Podcast was inspired by both experience working with employees/employers in a professional capacity as a business law firm as well as our personal experience as entrepreneurs hiring/firing employees. This podcast was designed to be both educational and entertaining. Please leave us feedback or ask questions if you have a employer/employee horror story you would like to share!