Ep. 17 – Disrupting Workplace Discrimination

Kristen Prinz welcomes to the mic Chiquita Hall-Jackson, a lawyer, DEI consultant, and community advocate known as the “Discrimination Disrupter.” Chiquita strives to dismantle systems of bias, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace, and is recently the author of We Gon’ Be Alright: A Black Executive's Guide to Navigating Workplace Dynamics.

In their wide-ranging conversation, Kristen and Chiquita address the difficulties that minority employees often face in the workplace, especially women of color, including remaining unseen and being passed over for promotion. Chiquita encourages employees to use these situations as opportunities to educate their colleagues, and she advises workers to use their voices to advocate for themselves and to make room in the workplace for the diverse talent that will come after them.

Kristen and Chiquita discuss their own experiences, the necessity of charting your own career path and goals, and the difficult choice workers must sometimes face: to stay within a system that can be difficult to navigate or to strike out on your own.

This episode will enable you to become a bolder you at work, more aligned with your own values and career goals. Perhaps more than anything else, you will learn some tools to “be alright” and continue navigating the dynamics of challenging workplaces.

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