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    • Is an Employee Handbook Legally Required

      Employee handbooks help limit liability and can set the expectation for your company’s culture, mission, and values.Read More

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    • Train Your Employees on Policies

      Kristen Prinz explains why having an employment handbook is not enough—you also need to train your employees on your policies. Training ...Read More

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    • Culture-Focused Companies Do Better

      Businesses that care about their workplace culture create healthier environments and perform better in the marketplace by attracting and ...Read More

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    • Drafting Tips and Best Practices

      In this snapshot from an attorney training video, Kristen explains that having a clear sense of your objectives is key when drafting ...Read More

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    • Good Rules to Consider in Illinois

      Kristen explains that it is a best practice for employers to notify their employees that they will have an obligation to disclose their ...Read More

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    • Can Employers Require Documentation for Medical and Religious Exemptions in the Workplace?

      While employers may require a doctor’s note for medical exemptions in the workplace, things are not as simple for religious exemptions.Read More

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    • Is Having COVID-19 Considered a Disability Under the ADA?

      COVID-19 gives rise to a variety of questions related to the Americans with Disabilities Act.Read More

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    • Can Employers Ask Employees About Their Medical Status or Travels?

      It’s best to have a uniform policy that equally applies to all workers.Read More

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    • Can Employers Require Employees to Get a COVID-19 Test or Vaccine?

      While workplaces usually cannot require medical examinations, there are some key exceptions.Read More

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    • Non-Highly Skilled Workers and Non-Competes

      States have increasingly restricted businesses from preventing non-highly skilled employees from moving to a competing employer.Read More

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    • Kristen’s Biggest Non-Compete Tips

      Kristen gives a snapshot of her biggest tips for drafting non-compete agreements for both employers and employees.Read More

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    • How a Business Can Protect Its Information

      Certain concrete steps taken by a business to protect its confidential information can help establish that it has a legitimate business ...Read More

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    • Independent Consideration for a Non-Compete

      States are increasingly requiring that independent consideration be offered to employees who sign a non-compete.Read More

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