The Prinz Law Firm is now offering webinars for workplace trainings! Use our trainings to ensure that your management and employees are cultivating a positive workplace culture that will make your workplace more productive and more appealing for increased recruitment and retention. Our training also satisfies the requirements of the IHRA (Illinois Human Rights Act) and the IDHR (Illinois Department of Human Rights). Browse our offerings below. You can contact our office today to register for a webinar by filling out the inquiry form below or calling 312.212.4450.

Click below for a brief, animated introduction to our workplace policy and culture training. Although our firm trains on a variety of topics, this video focuses on workplace harassment, and will give you an idea of the sorts of issues we might discuss in an in-person or webinar-based training.

Contact us today to register for a webinar or for more information!

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Our Webinars

Sexual Harassment Prevention

This webinar will help employees understand workplace harassment and ensure that they are creating workspaces that are healthy and productive. Viewers will learn to identify what constitutes harassment in the workplace, and sexual harassment in particular, and explore why anti-harassment training is necessary. Participants will also learn how to prevent harassment in the workplace, and how they can create and cultivate a positive culture in their workplace where everyone can thrive.

Changes to Employee Status During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Compensation, Furloughs, and Layoffs

Click on the image below to view our open-access recording of a live webinar held on March 27th in which Kristen Prinz answered questions from business owners and managers about changes in employee status as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Keep an eye on our blog and subscribe to our media feed for the latest updates.

  • Discrimination

    When an employer becomes aware of an accusation of discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, religion, or any other protected category, it needs to get to the facts fast. Doing so requires the sensitivity and strategy our firm provides.

  • Sexual Harassment

    Our examination of employee complaints will involve a thorough review of testimony and available evidence. We will help you support potential victims while simultaneously maintaining an objective investigation.

  • Workplace Bullying

    Oftentimes workers are intimidated, insulted, demeaned, or shamed by supervisors or colleagues. This kind of bullying detracts from a healthy and productive workplace culture, and may incur legal liability. An investigation can help determine the severity of such bullying and the best way to respond.

  • Retaliation

    Nothing reduces trust in a company and its policies more than retaliation for reporting bad behavior. We investigate complaints of reprisal for reporting discrimination or harassment under Title VII or the Illinois Human Rights Act. We also investigate others forms of retaliation, such as that prohibited by OSHA, SOX, or other state, federal, and local statutes.

  • Whistleblower Complaints

    Your business will want a thorough investigation whenever an employee reports illegal activity, especially if a report is made to a government agency, or if an employee refuses to participate in unlawful conduct. Identifying the issue early on can help avoid costly litigation down the road.

  • Equal Pay Complaints

    Claims of unequal pay can be toxic for a workplace, giving the impression a company has engaged in gender-based unfairness and reducing trust in leadership. A swift investigation into such claims can help your company make any needed corrections and message to employees that unfair pay discrepancies are not tolerated.

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