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Understanding the Equal Pay Act in Chicago

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The Equal Pay Act is an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act that protects employees against being paid lower wages on account of their gender. From the outset, the Equal Pay Act was passed to empower women and level the playing field for employees in the workplace.

Although the Equal Pay Act was originally intended to protect women, it serves to protect both genders because it applies to unequal wages for either gender. Specifically, it prohibits employers from paying wages to employees at less than those of the opposite gender in circumstances where the employees are performing equal work within jobs requiring equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and under similar working conditions.

If you think you may be experiencing discrimination on the basis of gender, you may need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my employer paying different wages to employees of the opposite gender?
  • Are these employees considered to be working within the same establishment?
  • Do these employees perform substantially equal work and duties which require equal skill sets, effort, and responsibility?
  • Are these duties intended to be performed under similar working conditions? Are they performed under similar working conditions?

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If your answer to any or all of the above questions was "yes," or you suspect that your employer is not complying with the Equal Pay Act, our firm is here to help. Each working environment is unique and different industries work according to varying norms, standards, and traditions. Regardless, employers are required to comply with the Equal Pay Act.

At The Prinz Law Firm, our Chicago lawyers can review the situation and assist you to investigate the matter further. Retaining counsel is an important step towards protecting your best interests and rights.

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