Illinois Discrimination Laws Protect Transgender Citizens

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Illinois is one of the most socially progressive states in the nation. It has been at the forefront of LGBT human rights for years, including adding protections in its Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA) for LGBT individuals. In 2006, Illinois added “sexual orientation” to the state’s non-discrimination statute, which protects LGBT individuals from employment discrimination based on their sexual preferences.

Later, the act was amended to explicitly add “gender identity” to define sexual orientation, offering protection specifically for transgender citizens of the state. The IHRA protects all employees from discrimination based on their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, order of protection status, marital status, disability, arrest record in employment, familial status in housing, and sexual orientation (including gender identity). These protections cover the hiring, selection, transfer, pay, tenure, discipline, discharge, and promotion of all transgender employees.

Likewise, in 2016, an amendment to the Illinois Hate Crimes Act specifically protects transgender people from being preyed on by hateful individuals. It specifically names gender identity as a protected category.

Any person who violates either of these acts is guilty of a crime and can be prosecuted under Illinois law. If your employer has discriminated against you for your gender identity or sexual orientation, don’t hesitate to call us. The Prinz Law Firm is dedicated to helping individuals throughout the Chicago area with their legal issues. Our skilled Chicago employment law attorneys take pride in protecting employees from discrimination and unfair employment practices. If you’re unsure whether or not you have a case, let us take a look at your situation and provide you with sound legal advice.

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