Myths Professional Women Need to Banish!

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Myth # 1: The # 1 myth that STILL persists out there is the one that says "if I just work hard enough" or "if I just do a good enough job" ... Then I'll get noticed, promoted, a raise, a larger team, more responsibilities, the big project, a bigger budget, etc.

Working harder doesn't get you ahead. It's working on the right things, cultivating the right relationships and making sure those who can influence your career know about it.

Myth # 2: Assertive woman = aggressive bitch

The reality is this: if you’re not assertive, you won’t get heard. Yes, women have to learn to be assertive in a way that is different from how men show assertiveness. But if you are always asking questions instead of making declarative statements, you won’t get what you want. Figure out a position and state it! Take a stand, but don’t pout if you don’t win. Read “Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman” by Gail Evans for more good advice on that front!

Myth #3: Other women are out to get me or stab me in the back. In my 14 year corporate executive career and my 15 years as a coach working with executives, I have seen firsthand that this is simply not so!

In my corporate career, I was blessed to work with a group of female peers who helped and supported each other. We made each other better; we’re still friends, and “old war buddies”, to this day.

Women can help each other be heard. Many times in a meeting, men will gloss over a point a woman has just made. Or say the same thing a few moments later and act like they thought of it first! It’s very helpful to buddy up with another woman or supportive man in the room. Someone who can say “hey wait – she just said that!” Or “before we move on, we need to address her point.” Simple things like this can completely change how a woman is perceived, heard and respected!

Elene Cafasso helps create leaders people want to work with, and work for. Elene is a professionally trained and certified executive coach, and President of Enerpace, Inc. Her coaching enables leaders to achieve their objectives in the areas most critical to their success: emotional intelligence, leadership agility, team building, professional communication and organizational effectiveness. She helps over-stressed and over-busy executives focus on what really matters, while growing themselves, their team and their bottom line. Elene can be reached at #630-832-4399, or