The Rise of Technology and Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment is often thought of a verbal, or sometimes physical interaction between two employees or an employee and an employer. With the rise of technology, however, more companies are having to change their sexual harassment policies to include messages shared over text and email. The inappropriate text messages between employees is sometimes referred to as “textual harassment,” and is increasingly challenging for employers to discover.

Unless a complaint is made, it’s nearly impossible to be aware that the sexual harassment is occurring. In some cases, the victim of sexual harassment may feel anxious or hesitant to bring forward the harassment, especially if the perpetrator is a superior.

Once the complaint is made, however, sexual harassment can be easy to prove. Messages sent over text or email leave an electronic trace that will lead back to the individual who initiated the sexual harassment.

If you have been subjected to sexual harassment in your workplace, you may be fearful of standing up to an employer when filing your sexual harassment claim. The dedicated legal professionals at our firm are unafraid to stand by your side and advocate for you throughout this process. Any type of harassment, whether it be verbal or physical, creates a hostile work environment and should not be tolerated.

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