First Day on the Job? 8 Tips for Making it a Success

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Bad first impressions are hard to shake, so it’s critical that you ensure you make the right impression on your first day at a new job. Here are eight tips for making your first day at a new job a success:

  1. Don’t be late. Nothing is worse than being late on your first day. Make sure you practice your route to work before your first day. On the day of, be sure to leave yourself some extra time to get to work as well, so that you can avoid being late due to unforeseen circumstances, like bad weather or an accident.
  1. Know your boss. You don’t have to stalk your to-be- boss (in fact, it will probably work against you if you memorize her favorite colors and know where she was last weekend) but perusing her Linked-in profile is a good idea to get a better understanding of your boss find some common connections.
  1. Connect with your co-workers. The same applies to your co-workers. Check-out their Linked-in profiles as well. At a minimum, try to know everyone’s name. If anyone helps you out during the day, send them a thank you email. Generally, you first week may be slow, so try to schedule some one-on-one lunches with your co-workers to get to know them better.
  1. Take notes. Your first day will likely comprise of a million meetings, introductions, and instructions, and at the end of the day you will remember nothing. Bring a notepad and pen with you for your first day and take notes so that you can retain at least some of what’s thrown at you.
  1. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Some offices are more casual, while others more formal. On your first day, you may be unsure of what is considered acceptable. It’s best to err on the side of formality and be over-dress than under-dressed in order to make a good first impression.
  1. Do your homework on the company. Be sure to thoroughly review the company website so that you understand all aspects of the company. It doesn’t hurt to do some Google searches or check the news as well.
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. No one expects you to know everything on your first day, so it is the ideal time to ask questions.
  1. Be confident. Although there may be a lot of unknowns on your first day, remember, you were chosen for a reason, so be confident!

Have other tips for a successful first day? Share them in the comments!