Is Your Boss Stifling Your Growth?

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Like many others, I have been on both sides of the employer/employee fence. Even when you own the business, you’re working for someone. No matter what role you are in, we are all trying to achieve more in our careers and lives. We all think we are doing everything and our bosses or employees are either not paying attention or not doing enough. It’s hard to step outside yourself and maintain perspective.

I’ve heard so many stories from clients, friends and even family members about everyone’s bad boss.

  • The boss that micro-manages
  • The boss that steals credit for your work
  • The boss that criticizes everything
  • The boss that’s lazy
  • The boss that bullies
  • The workaholic boss
  • The boss that’s jealous or intimidated

The list goes on and on. All of these horrible boss types can be stifling to career growth, but it is critical that you distinguish the truly bad bosses from the ones who are just unaware.

The truly bad boss will never change and staying with a truly bad boss will almost always hinder your career growth. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to find another job ASAP. But you should devise a strategy to either move within the company, work around the bad boss behavior, or exit on your own terms.

The fact is, we are all responsible for our own career growth and development. I’m not saying that bad bosses shouldn’t be taken to task – that’s what my office is here for. But I am saying that focusing solely on your bad boss’s behavior is not going to further your career.

You have to further your career. Sometimes that means documenting your accomplishments to other stakeholders. Sometimes it means hiring a lawyer. But sometimes it means making your bad boss look good.