International Women's Day

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I just attended a great event hosted by the Chicago Bar Association Alliance for Women, The Women’s Bar Association of Illinois and the American Bar Association in celebration of International Women’s Day. International Women’s day is celebrated on March 8th each year in order to promote the equality of women. The event highlighted an important point – discrimination still exists. Many men and women today, particularly younger individuals, believe that we have progressed to a point where there really is no discrimination any more. However, the event I attended really highlighted the fact that, although women have come very far since the inception of International Women’s Day 102 years ago, there is still a long ways to go. Only around 20% of senior management in the United States is women, only around 18% of Congress is comprised of women, and women still earn 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. We do not have to accept these facts as “good enough.” Each of you can do something to improve these statistics – something as small as recommending a female colleague who is truly deserving for an assignment can make a difference.