Attorney Kristen Prinz to Speak on Salary Negotiations and Equal Pay

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Chicago employment Attorney Kristen E. Prinz is scheduled to speak in the upcoming “Empowering Women Lawyers: Advancing Legal Careers Through Education, Salary Negotiations and Equal Pay” event. The discussion is not only relatable to women working in law, but for all women in the workplace. Attorney Kristen Prinz will be speaking from 12:30-1:00 p.m. on March 22nd on the 55th floor of 200 E. Randolph.

The event, presented by CBA YLS Women in the Law Committee, is focused on addressing the gender imbalance seen in the legal profession and the powerful work that is being done to end it. The topics covered at “Empowering Women Lawyers” include educational statistics, salary negotiations, equal pay, legislative initiatives and how we can all make an impact.