Planning A Graceful Exit Strategy

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There’s been a lot of media hype about some pretty overt resignations including YouTube videos and even a SuperBowl commercial.

Although you may be at a breaking point where you wish you could march through your office with a marching band to announce that you are quitting, or you’d love to have a billboard expressing the same, these are not the best choices for your long-term career. It’s important to make sure you leave with a good reputation because you never know who you might run into in the future – from the janitor to the CEO – and it is important to have a good rapport with everyone you interact with. Here are some tips if you are planning to leave your current employer:

Think about what you want.
You may want to leave your current employer because you are not happy. But, what is it that will make you happy? Make sure you don’t make a decision you will regret. Think about what you want and make a plan to make it happen.

Search for a new job while still employed.
It’s easier to find a job when you have one. Plus, you won’t have to answer why you left you last job.

Start packing slowly.
Some employers will ask you to leave the same day when you provide notice of your intent to resign. That leaves you with little time to pack up your personal belongings. At the same time, you don’t want to abruptly clean up and tip off your boss prematurely. Start to slowly take things home so that you just have a few things left when you finally provide notice.

Review your employer’s leave policies.
Generally, you will be able to be paid out for any vacation you have accrued and unused. However, the same is not true for sick time. Review your leave policy and make sure you know what will happen with your benefits and compensation when you leave.

Provide notice to your employer.
Although you may feel like up and walking off the job sometimes, it is important for your long-term reputation to provide you manager with notice of your intention to leave.

Send a note of thanks to colleagues.
With permission from your employer, send a note to your co-workers to thank them for their support and provide them with your personal contact information.