What to do if You've Been Put on a Performance Improvement Plan

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A performance improvement plan (PIP) is often used as a way for employers to give employees an opportunity to succeed, while still holding them responsible for their past performance. For employees, however, a PIP is often seen as something to fear in the workplace. While there are several misconceptions surrounding PIPs and what they strive to do, there are helpful tips you should consider if you’ve recently been put on a PIP.

Ask Your Employer to Be Specific

The most crucial component of understanding your PIP is getting an idea of what exactly is expected of you – the employee – and how to best meet those standards. Speak up if at any point you are unclear as to what is stated in your PIP. Vague terminology that simply asks you to do “better” or “work faster” will not help you in the long run, and it is important to ask your employer to provide specifics of what they want and how your performance is measured. Objective and measurable goals are easier to understand and meet.

Reevaluate Your Work Flow

This is perhaps the most obvious suggestion, but now is the time to make changes and kick your work flow into high gear. If you feel as though you need additional training or help in a specific area of your job, as your direct superior for suggestions on how to increase productivity.

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