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Dedicated Assistance from Our Chicago Lawyer

The Prinz Law Firm was founded by Attorney Kristen E. Prinz, Founder and Managing Partner, for the purpose of creating a law firm that focuses on meeting the needs of the clients instead of concerning itself about hourly billing. With every case she takes on, her goal is to lead to uphold the following principles:

Each member of the firm works hard to create a culture within the firm that promotes the needs of employees and clients.

Our Chicago Firm is Dedicated to Its Clients

Attorney Prinz uses her more than ten years of legal experience to advise all stakeholders of The Prinz Law Firm. Every person at the firm shares the understanding that each client is unique and must be treated in this manner.

She believes that collaboration is the greatest tool for successful representation. Because of this, she leads our firm in:

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The Prinz Law Firm is committed to ensuring that our clients are treated with the courtesy and deference they deserve. We help each client through each step of their case to ensure they understand their rights, options, and how each decision may affect their future and family.

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