Prinz Law Firm Blog: 2018

  • Work-Life Balance - What Are Your Rights?

    Many of us struggle with managing a family and a career. School days, educational opportunities, and extracurricular activities aren’t in sync with typical business hours. As a result, parents often have to make difficult decisions or come up with creative solutions in an attempt to “do it all,” which can be very stressful. I recently met a woman who was struggling with this work-life juggle. Her ...
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  • Employment Contract Mistakes Every Small Business Owner Should Avoid

    A business often starts simply with a great idea, but in order to move beyond just an idea, owners then must launch, grow, and potentially scale the business. As such, a successful small business involves many moving parts and the right team is critical to this process, especially since they will be the ones helping to sell and implement the idea. Focusing on all of these moving parts may mean an ...
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  • Does your New Company's Culture Fit?

    Starting a new position at a new company brings many exciting opportunities and challenges, including finding how your interests and identity align with the workplace culture. Employers may frequently espouse key terms like “diversity and inclusion” or “company culture” at interviews and on their website in an effort to better inform future employees about their commitment to creating a desirable ...
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  • The Growth Checklist: Do These Things Before You Scale

    It is a great feeling to experience growth. Seeing the results of your idea grow and flourish can be incredibly rewarding. After that initial surge, small business owners and executives have to determine what happens next. You can decide to follow a more typical growth model or opt to scale. A general growth model encourages adding resources at a similar rate as new business or clientele. ...
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  • Can You Change Office Behavior with Training?

    The #metoo movement has surfaced a lot of questions about office policies and how to encourage, or discourage, certain behaviors. While most of us are taught said behaviors as early as preschool, like - follow the “golden rule,” keep your hands to yourself, clean up after yourself - we sometimes forget these guidelines. Even our work environment can reflect this “forgetfulness” because we don’t ...
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  • Hire, Fire, and Aspire: 3 Key Times Your Business Needs the Law on Its Side

    I was at an event with other small business owners speaking about the myriad of issues nearly every business owner faces. I attend a lot of these types of events and can almost guarantee that at every one of them a business owner will have a horror story about an employee. Whether it is a horrible hire, a horrible fire, or just a horrible day, it’s always (in their mind) the result of a horrible ...
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