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Internships: An Opportunity at any Age or Stage
Internships: An Opportunity at any Age or Stage

A recent trending topic on LinkedIn caught my eye: “minterns.” It’s clever shorthand for “middle-career interns,” a growing phenomenon, particularly among millennials, who look for new jobs at higher rates than other age groups. Minterns are taking pay cuts and bold leaps to ...

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  • Let Them Eat Cake...But Serve It Themselves: One Woman's Fight against Gender Discrimination and Retaliation

    In a widely publicized $20 million lawsuit filed in New York, Plaintiff Nancy Saltzman is suing her former employer, ExlService Holdings, Inc., ...

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  • What to Expect if Your Company Receives an SSA "No-Match" Letter

    In March of 2019, the Social Security Administration (SSA) resumed issuing No-Match Letters (officially called Employer Correction Request Notices). ...

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  • Diversity on Boards: A "Win-Win"

    Companies are increasingly recognizing the many benefits of having diverse boards. Drawing on the expertise of people from a variety of backgrounds ...

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  • Employers, Let's Talk Money: How to Increase Pay Transparency (2/2)

    Pay transparency has become an increasingly popular topic in recent years, and employees are regularly being urged to discuss compensation as a way of ...

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  • Employees, Let's Talk Money: How to Increase Pay Transparency (1/2)

    The problem is clear: disparities in pay based on race and gender still exist . The solution is seemingly clear as well: create more transparency ...

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