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  • Can Transparency Lead to Equal Pay?

    Oracle America, Inc. is being sued by the Department of Labor over allegations that it pays white men more than its equivalent female, African American and Asian employees. The lawsuit also alleges that Oracle discriminates against non-Asian applicants in its hiring practices, and favors hiring Asian employees for technical roles. The lawsuit is related to Oracle’s federal contracts. Federal ...
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  • Attorney Kristen Prinz Quoted in Huffington Post Pay Equality Article

    It was recently announced that Harriet Tubman will appear on the U.S. $20 dollar bill—but does finally having a woman on our paper currency make up for the fact the women in our workforce are still paid less than men? That is the question at the heart of Finance Expert Terry Savage's Huffington Post piece "Currency in your Pocket Counts Most." Savage turned to Attorney Kristen Prinz for insight on ...
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  • Equal Pay Day: Why Men Should Be Out Front in the Fight For Equal Pay

    Today, Tuesday, April 12, is this year’s Equal Pay Day. It’s the day into the new year when a woman finally has earned the same amount of money a man made last year. Even in 2016, women have to work an extra 100 days to reach pay parity with men. Why are we still struggling with this issue? There are laws in the U.S. against pay disparity. But laws are only as effective as the people who are ...
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  • Can Negotiations Close the Wage Gap?

    I have been speaking a lot lately about what women can do to close the gender wage gap. Last week, I participated on a panel hosted by the Chicago Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section discussing the empowerment of women attorneys. I was asked to address something I am really passionate about, salary negotiation and equal pay. There is a lot of research out there that shows that women are less ...
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