Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • Internet Trolls Beware: Before You Hit "Post" On That Anonymous Internet Commentary.

    In late 2011, the Freeport Standard Journal in Freeport, Illinois published an article online concerning a local politician’s (Bill Hadley) decision to seek election to the Stephenson County, Illinois board. As with much online content, the article contained a section allowing users to post comments. One such user, who identified himself as “Fuboy,” posted a series of negative (non sequitur) ...
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  • The Dangers of the Unenforceable Non-Compete

    Let’s be honest here . . . non-competes are great for attorneys. We get paid to draft them, but we can’t really be held responsible if the agreement we draft is unenforceable. The law as to whether a non-compete is enforceable is ever evolving, fact specific and never clear cut. Regardless of enforceability, when a non-compete is violated, we get paid to pursue the violation, defend the former ...
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