Blog Posts in June, 2015

  • Why do Work and Life have to Compete?

    There’s so much buzz recently about work-life balance from “ leaning in ” to commentaries on how there is no such thing as work-life balance. What does this all mean? At the core of all this sensationalism is one basic premise, we all want to have quality meaningful time with our loved ones while at the same time being able to achieve success in our chosen profession. In years past, being able to ...
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  • Horrible Bosses: How to Deal with Difficulties in the Workplace

    Is your boss a micro-manager? A narcissist? Maybe you are dealing with someone who’s extremely moody, hot one minute and cold the next? How do you handle a difficult boss? My suggestion would be run and never look back! But in all seriousness, a bad boss is a situation you want to try to get out of as soon as possible. A bad boss not only hurts your morale, which can hinder your performance, but ...
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  • LOL: Bad Email Habits to Avoid

    We’ve all been victims to bad email habits. From receiving a late night angry rant without a single capitalized letter, to receiving an email that is impossible to read because a lengthy message is in the subject line. And we all have our own bad habits. Maybe our emails are too long, or we use too many emoji and not enough words that can be found in a dictionary. These habits waste time, hurt ...
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