Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Are Mistakes in Your Office Being Hidden?

    Are you confident your direct reports would bring a major mistake to your attention? A client of ours recently had to let an employee go because it was discovered that the employee had plugged in the wrong numbers on a contract and the mistake had the potential to cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the employee wasn’t fired because he made the mistake. He was fired because he ...
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  • Here's How Women (and Men) Might Someday Address the Pay Gap

    Last week we celebrated Equal Pay Day, the symbolic day that illustrates how far into the year a woman must work to earn the same amount made by a man in the previous year. Last month, an article published on the Bloomberg Business blog cited research showing that the gap at the most senior levels in business is even wider. The article attributed the chasm to differences in incentive compensation. ...
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    In order to better serve our readers, The Prinz Law Firm has invited experts in sales, business and leadership development, immigration, tax and accounting services, healthcare, and many other areas, to act as guest contributors on our blogs providing our readers with a broader range of content to help further your success. Our first guest contributor is Bill Moller, an award winning broadcast ...
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  • Wage Madness: Can and Should the NCAA Pay Student-Athletes?

    Congratulations to the Duke NCAA basketball team and Coach K for their recent NCAA Tournament victory. Also, congratulations to the NCAA for receiving billions of dollars from television companies for airing the games through 2024. NCAA coaches also receive a significant amount of money. While Duke does not have to say how much it pays Coach K, according to his tax records, he earned $9.7 million ...
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  • How the Ellen Pao Case Can Advance Women

    Ellen Pao lost her gender discrimination suit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, but her case brought gender discrimination and implicit bias into the spotlight and the forefront of business conversations. It has also brought to light how much colleagues play a role in an individual’s success. During the trial, Harvard Business School Professor Paul A. Gompers testified ...
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