Blog Posts in December, 2014

  • What is Wrongful Termination?

    Many executives call our offices looking for help when they have been discharged. They were strong performers who didn’t do anything wrong, or maybe had a minor infraction and never even got a written warning. They are certain that because of their strong performance, they can’t just be fired, right? Wrong. The status quo in Illinois is that employment is at-will. This means that employment may be ...
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  • Can I Be Fired for That?

    No. That is the simple answer to the following questions: Can I be fired for my race, gender, disability, national origin, or for being at least forty (40) years old? Can I be fired for my alien status? Can I be fired for making a complaint that my employer violated the Occupation Safety and Health Act (“OSHA”)? Can I be fired for refusing to take a lie detector test? Can I be fired in retaliation ...
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  • Five Don'ts When Handling an Employee Termination

    Terminating an employee is one of the most difficult tasks to undertake as a manager. Done well, and you will help move your former employee out of the organization with a clear, fair message about why he or she is leaving. Done poorly, and you may send your former employee packing with (at least the specter of) potential claims against your company. Below are several steps to avoid to help ensure ...
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