Blog Posts in April, 2014

  • Why Executives Need Their Own Personal Dream Team

    Change happens fast. And often when we least expect it. That’s one of the reasons we see so much job turnover. Companies typically forecast and plan ahead. Executives do so for their departments, but what about their careers? Too many individuals think they are just along for the ride. I was recently listening to an economist on the radio discussing why any individual with a high income potential ...
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  • Hire, Fire, and Aspire: Three Key Times You Need the Law on Your Side at Work

    We have all sought career advice at some point in our lives, from seeking help with a resume, to asking for help to identify the best companies and job fits. While it can be difficult to ask for advice, or to even recognize that advice might be necessary, advice offers a new perspective to make the best decisions. People, even attorneys, often forget that seeking legal advice is also important, ...
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  • 6 Signs You Should Consider Saying "No" to a Job Offer

    In this difficult economy, receiving a job offer is usually a cause for great celebration. For an executive, it can take months or longer to find a position that is truly a perfect fit. However, even after finding that supposedly perfect fit, many executives contact us because of the problems that quickly arise after they accept an otherwise promising job offer. Those job offers themselves ...
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