Blog Posts in October, 2013

  • Human Rights Laws Fail to Protect Unpaid Interns

    This summer, rights for unpaid interns became a national story. In June, a judge ruled that the production company for “Black Swan” owed back pay to two unpaid interns. In addition, numerous people criticized Sheryl Sandberg after she recruited unpaid interns for her Lean In Foundation. A recent decision in New York should bring greater attention to these issues. A New York federal district court ...
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  • What are "Clothes"?

    The United States Supreme Court will answer that question during its upcoming term. In Sandifer, hourly workers requested that the company pay them for the time it takes to put on “personnel protective equipment.” Sandifer v. United States Steel Corp., 678 F.3d 590 (7th Cir. 2012). The equipment includes flame resistant pants and jacket, work gloves, and work boots containing steel. However, the ...
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  • Giving is Good

    When I quit my secure job and started my firm, I did so because I believed I could build an office that emphasized service over billing. The goal was to help people turn adverse events into opportunities to build their careers and businesses. Four years later, I work with a team that is focused on aligning with client goals, improving skills, working together and providing the best service ...
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