Blog Posts in November, 2013

  • Starting a Business While You Have a Job

    A few weeks ago Barbara Corcoran (TV Personality on “Shark Tank”) published a LinkedIn Blog on How to Start Your Own Business on The Side. It’s not much of a “how to,” but she does relay some interesting stories about businesses she has invested in that were started on the side. We work with a lot of entrepreneurs and, unless you have investors, we echo Corcoran’s mantra of testing your idea while ...
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  • Human Resources Doesn't Represent Humans

    Earlier this week Bernard Marr posted Why We No Longer Need HR Departments on LinkedIn. He advocates for dividing HR Departments into two divisions: People Analytics and People Support. This proposition has a pleasant sound to it. One division represents the corporate interests and the other is there to keep employees happy. Marr’s recommendation comes from a good place. However, that place is ...
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  • The Senate Passed a Law to Protect LGBT Employees, but House Passage is Still Necessary

    Current federal laws prohibit employment discrimination based upon gender, race, religion, and national origin. Unfortunately, federal laws do not prohibit an employer from firing an employee due to the employee’s sexual orientation. Politicians are attempting to increase federal protections for LGBT employees, and are currently debating the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (“ENDA”). The bill ...
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  • Do performance evaluations matter?

    Motorola Solutions, Inc. has ended its practice of labeling employee’s performance. Instead of the typical check box method of identifying employees as “meeting expectations,” “exceeding expectations,” or “failing to meet expectations” (or something akin to those labels), Motorola now requires managers to give ongoing feedback and an annual review focused on achievement of objectives. Bonuses are ...
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