Blog Posts in August, 2015

  • How To Network When You Hate Networking

    Need a new job? Looking to grow your business? Most people will give you the same advice to achieving these goals – Network. But what if you have tried networking and you hate it? It just doesn’t work for you. Personally, networking did not come naturally to me. I had always been taught that if I do well in my work, that’s all that matters. I followed that mantra for most of my life, until I ...
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  • Why Work-Life Integration Is A Bad Idea

    I love reading about leadership and business strategy and I am constantly amazed by how the same ideas can be re-branded hundreds of times over. Work-life balance is now passé. Integration is the latest aspiration. Work and personal lives are expected to be fluid and intertwined. And nothing will ever get 100% attention. As a working mother, I understand the desire for flexibility in the ...
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