Blog Posts in September, 2014

  • How To Tell When It Is Time To Quit

    Leaving a job, especially one that compensates well, is a very difficult decision for any executive. After investing what seems like endless time and energy into an organization’s success, it can be difficult to let go and pursue new opportunities. Sometimes there may not even be an obvious reason driving your departure, but you sense that it is time to part ways with your employer nonetheless. ...
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  • Three Mistakes to Avoid as a Manager

    Great leadership is more than simply delegating assignments and reviewing work. True motivation requires you to be attuned to not only the needs of your colleagues and workplace, but to your own behavior as well. Are you unknowingly projecting an image that you do not want your co-workers to imitate? This post will highlight three ways in which you may not be effectively modeling leadership in the ...
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  • First Day on the Job? 8 Tips for Making it a Success

    Bad first impressions are hard to shake, so it’s critical that you ensure you make the right impression on your first day at a new job. Here are eight tips for making your first day at a new job a success: Don’t be late. Nothing is worse than being late on your first day. Make sure you practice your route to work before your first day. On the day of, be sure to leave yourself some extra time to ...
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  • How to Be Productive When Working From Home

    Many people have images of lazing on the sofa in their pajamas while watching daytime talk shows with laptop in hand when they hear “working from home.” In reality, this picture is neither sustainable nor productive. Working from home can have many benefits; you can avoid wasting time commuting, which in-turn can provide you with more time with your family. However, these benefits are diminished ...
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