Blog Posts in August, 2014

  • Confidence Matters

    Do you ever look around and wonder why people who don’t seem to work as hard as you or are not as smart as you are more successful than you? Business mentor Simon Reynolds’s recent Forbes blog post, The Strong Link Between Your Self Image And Business Success says it could be your self-image that is holding you back. Reynolds claims that our subconscious negative self-assessments can prevent us ...
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  • Remembering the Value of Face Time

    A lot of companies have created flexible work options, allowing their employees to work from the comfort of their homes. Working from home can save time commuting and allow an employee to deal with personal errands. An employee working remotely can still be available via phone, email, or even video. Despite the ease that technology allows for communication, face time is still incredibly important, ...
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  • Court Denies Proposed $324 Million Settlement on Silicon Valley Hiring

    Silicon Valley is known for companies like Apple and Google – and great innovations like the iPhone. Soon, Silicon Valley might also be known for its conspiracy to keep wages low for employees. A judge recently rejected a $324 million settlement proposed by Apple, Google, and two other tech companies finding there is “ample evidence” that the companies were involved in “an overarching conspiracy” ...
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  • Four Ways to Respond to a 360 Review

    A 360 review offers benefits for both the company and for employees by providing – hopefully – constructive feedback. It can allow for peer-to-peer guidance so that a company and employees can improve operations, productivity, and profitability. However, a negative review or comments can be potentially damaging to an employee’s career. Sometimes the information in the review may not even be ...
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