Hire, Fire, and Aspire: Three Key Times You Need the Law on Your Side at Work

We have all sought career advice at some point in our lives, from seeking help with a resume, to asking for help to identify the best companies and job fits. While it can be difficult to ask for advice, or to even recognize that advice might be necessary, advice offers a new perspective to make the best decisions.

People, even attorneys, often forget that seeking legal advice is also important, especially for three critical points in our careers.

The first time to seek legal advice is during the hiring process. It is a great feeling to have a fantastic interview, and receive an offer from a promising company. An attorney can help negotiate the employment contract. While some individuals feel confident in their negotiating abilities, most individuals are not aware of potential legal problems that could occur in the future. Employment contracts might have confusing clauses regarding salary, or include very broad non-compete clauses. These clauses can lead to expensive and time consuming problems in the future. An attorney at the forefront is a great investment to prevent a major headache later.

An attorney can also help at the end of the employment with a company, especially if someone is fired. An attorney can help negotiate a proper severance by identifying potential legal claims. A lawyer can also help ensure that the company properly pays any final salary or bonus owed.

Finally, a lawyer can help with the transition process to a new company when an individual aspires for a new job. Legal advice can ensure that there is no violation of a previous employment agreement. A non-compete provision could limit potential options, especially with highly qualified employees. An attorney can help determine the validity of any clause, and devise creative strategies to avoid the pitfalls of a non-compete.

Ultimately, lawsuits can be very time consuming and expensive. Seeking advice from a law firm that specializes in employment law can be an important investment to protect your future.